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Heather Sanders. #RatchetMonday

Breakfast all by myself then work. #Panera #BreadCo #EarlyMorningHustle (at Panera Bread)
Lol. (:
Lol that moment you realize you’ve found a good man and you can’t help but see yourself with him. And he gives you butterflies. And he knows how to deal with you even when you’re acting up lol. Treats you like a queen. He’s loyal, honest, trustworthy, etc., etc. Just everything you want & need…. YES I’m having that moment finally! Okay I’m finished simpin, he knows who he is. lol
#WCW I know I’m late and I’ve been wanting to do this for weeks.  This is the BEAUTIFUL Missy!  She’s been my crush for a long time and she’s also my fitness inspiration! @mankofit
Out enjoying this day with my big cousin.
Ain’t gotta man, but she paid man. She know the game, it ain’t fair. Just foul play, no referees. #jobnumbertwo #grindtime (: (at Old Navy)
Lmfao! The boys push up contest at work. Josh’s face #Epic #Enterprise #MyCoworkers lol #goodtimes (at Enterprise)
Don’t make decisions that causes you to miss out on a good thing because of a  temporary altercation.. #goodthing
Lmfao! (:

"Don’t be a woman who needs a man, be a woman a man needs!"

FroYo date with my best friend!  (at FroYo: Delmar)
LOL #repost this is ne ALL the way!